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From the opening credits, we know who we're dealing: it is Matthew McConaughey in the role of a veritable master of life and death. More specifically - Mick Haller, when taken advocate the City of Angels, which is able to provide the court with almost every customer innocence, if only this will provide it in a timely manner satisfactory rate.
This is not a little while, Haller lives so as a young god, giving or receiving, taking a neutral mask, cynical arrogant. However, changes with the arrival of the next customer, and the action takes on tracks that, I think I can say at the outset, will appeal to all film fans take delight in courtroom dramas. A drama is considerable - so, a young man accused of a brutal rape and beating of a young woman is a member of a wealthy family, where financial support can count on. Not only that, the thirtysomething boy (as it is called respectable family lawyer of the families) has been blessed with the appearance of a puppy, innocent and sweet, and - as it turns out - can use it perfectly.
Girls Night Republic
Louis Roulet will soon start with our main hero of the game, which he had prepared himself alone for all these years. As a man must feel examinee aware of the guilt of his client, also forced to help him hounded and ragged from the support and options? Mick Haller certainly will not give up, waiting for him, however long and hard road. Unfortunately, it ran into Dexter, could together create a fantastic duo. "Lincoln Lawyer" filled with great, variegated heroes of the second plan. Just to mention Frank Levin, right hand and both my friend Haller, whose Portrayed by William H. Macy - it is impossible not to like this lovable Wimpy Kid.
Similarly, things are with Mrs. prosecutor, ex-wife of the title lawyer. Her topic was routed without unnecessary pomposity of Hollywood, so it would be vain to look for signs of the final film in the consolidation broken family because (irony) yet so just have to finish every American production with his family somewhere in the background.
green thing
Equally successful is the character of Earl, Mick driver. The bond lawyer with his chauffeur, as well as relationships with a gang of motorcyclists, kumplowskiego tone gives the whole production, and consequently, lightness. In contrast, forgotten by the world of film, Ryan Phillippe again creates a superficially nice figure, and in the middle - broken.
I must admit that it goes quite well.
It is not difficult to ignite hatred sissy capricious.
Needless to say (what and happy to do so), that the first violin plays the main role impersonator, Mr. Matthew McConaughey. Many of the screenings of romantic comedies with his participation will have forgotten that it was the actor, not just a perfectly sculpted muscles. You want to rehabilitate it in their eyes? Screening this film would be the ideal solution.
There is probably no other like in Hollywood, with such naturalness that embody the role of a ruthless lawyer. His gestures, facial expressions, manner of speaking - perhaps all a little exaggerated, but still played flawlessly.
You can see the transformation that takes place in Mick: confused and marched to the goat's horn, surprised cunning and arrogance seemingly clean as a whistle Louis, is nothing like the man we meet at the beginning of the film. There is no, the roles of lawyers, Matthew lie on like a glove.
How much is not good to say about this movie, you have to admit that the subject itself is not original. Morality in cinema frequented already moved a thousand times, morality in the courtroom - as well. And "Lincoln Lawyer" does not bring anything new to this characteristic, przegadanego subgatunku. They put us in front of the same, still ultimately unresolved issues. (How can separate private and professional life, to keep in the hands of all the cards necessary for the release of dangerous criminals, only for the price of satisfaction? How can you remain sane, knowing that enabled the acquittal of a man guilty, and knowing that the customer is an innocent man, offer him only an admission of guilt in exchange for a "mild" sentence?) does not change the fact that this is one of the best legal dramas in recent years, alluring and magnetizing, thanks to the wonderful creations McConaughey'ego. .