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Factory fire competing and emergency evacuation drill program. Factory fire extinguishment and emergency evacuation physical fitness program 1: intent being the exercise, To earnestly implement the insurance policy of 'safety first, protection first', Implement their emergency plan management system, And the actual exercise; Test the group and coordination capabilities of various functional departments in emergency situations; Improve the brain and ability of all employees to escape safely, Improve the voluntary firefighters to master the performance and use methods of the company's fire fighting equipment, Can effectively control and extinguish the fire at the beginning of the fire, Ensure the protection of the employees' personal property, the business's property safety. And more than ever organize this fire extinguishing And emergency evacuation drills. 2, The training is based on the 'Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China', The 'Fire safeguards Law of the People's Republic of China', The 'Regulations on Fire Safety employer of Organs, social groups, small businesses, and as well Institutions'. And the 'Emergency Rescue Plan for Work Safety Accidents' within organization. 3: The scope of the go to the gym. the comlete plant 4, the entity in question structure of the exercise The company has established a production accident emergency leading group. Which comprises leaders in charge and chooses one leader to be the general commander. 5: (necessary the emergency leading group) 1. (Check and supervise the homework of major accident prevention measures and emergency rescue) 2, Form an emergency rescue team, setup drills and implementations. (And summarize the shortcomings and successful experiences in emergency rescue work) 3. (accountable for the formulation and revision of the plan) 4, Organize and direct rescue teams to do rescue activities. (And issue rescue requests to relevant units at the appropriate interval) 5, just in case of an accident-The leader-inside of. Chief or deputy leader shall issue and release emergency rescue commands and signals. 6(necessary the chief staff and each team for emergency commanding ) 1, assess the scale of the incident, Decide whether there is certainly or may exist a major emergency-and choose to implement the off; (affiliate site emergency plan) 2, Give guidance and order to the all around activities; (create Emergency steps) 3; (Receive the evacuation results reported by the evacuees and decide whether further search and rescue measures are needed) 4, governed motion emergency is over. discuss the incident and issue an 'emergency release' signal-Deputy commander-on-Chief household tasks Assist the commander-when-Chief and perform his duties when the commander-within. Chief is missing-necessary the on(Site leader ) 1; (Check and confirm the accident and report effects to the chief commander) 2; (Perform his duties when the deputy commander is absent) 3, remember the scene of the accident, Quickly organize a fire investigating procedure, And identify the main fire scene course, Take successful fire fighting measures; (And arrange and adjust the strength depending on the needs of saving and extinguishing fires) 4, make clear to each group to give orders for saving people, Salvage and fire preventing, And water origin; (And check the rendering) 5, company Volunteer firefighters and employees shall coordinate their operations(And part combat zones ) Slices and pieces; As necessary to do various tasks on the fire site, accessories, references, Inform the relevant departments to rescue the wounded, increase the water pressure, Cut off the vitality(turn the oil ) flatulence, pipeline. and so forth,accessories(Recorder's commitments ) 1, Record beneficial events in sequence, Record emergency periods. to get documents and photos, The duty of the alarm team informs the fire staff members to quickly, suitably, Smoothly and effectually convey the fire situation. Which can be accomplished by the 'special line + intercom + mobile phone' method(The required the logistics support group, Team leader xxx associates xxx, xxx) (xxx) 1, responsible for the supply of emergency supplies. (Equipment and strategies support) 2(establish a gathering place ) find out Appendix D; (And take care of the order of the safety zone) 3; (be given the number inspection results from the supervisor and report to the chief commander) 4. Communicate various manual to employees through the supervisor-necessary fire(having difficulties and rescue team, Team leader xxx consumers xxx) (xxx) 1, Clarify their combat missions-Resolutely execute the commands of the emergency command category and the on; Site commander, take advantage of the fire alarm, Rush to the scene right now, And quickly go up the evacuation stairs To the fireplace layer, speedily unfold the hose, Connect this particular gun and the fire hydrant, Open the fireplace hydrant; Start to extinguish the fire and control the spread of the fire, Someone is trapped in the hearth. The first purpose is to back up people. (All members wear combat clothing) 2; Report the situation of the fire site to the emergency command headquarters regularly(Equipment maintenance team projects, Team leader xxx patrons xxx) xxx. are responsible for power supply control and water source guarantee. All clients wear hard hats(required the security alert team, Team leader xxx membership xxx) (xxx) 1; (Pull up the warning line and keep the doorway of the gate clear) 2, Except the fire and emergency office staff. Other personnel are not allowed from entering the alert area(friendly leader of the evacuation guidance group ) (referring to managers and supervisors) 1, When insurance coverage the evacuation notice; (Direct all personnel to are amiss and turn off all machines and equipment) 2; (Pass all personnel quickly and orderly Evacuate the designated exit to the gathering place) 3, confirm all visitors, contractors; (And employees in your community are evacuated together) 4, Once evacuate to the accumulating place; (Immediately check could be employees) 5, Report to the logistics support team The number of individuals; (Report the without person) 6. wait for a command of the commander and communicate it to the workers(employees ) 1; (confirm all personnel are evacuated from the work area) 2, Quickly inspect the restrooms, physician offices, industrial environments,manufacturing facilities. et cetera; (In the responsible area ensuring that there are no leftovers) 3; (Close the door before leaving but do not lock the door) 4, outlets assembly District. Report the status of the group to the broker(required the emergency care team, subscribers xxx) (xxx) 1; (Collect medical kits and gather at the meeting place) 2; (Provide first aid to the wounded and record all the injured and the help provided to them) 3, if that would help. Please refer to the first aid car. 7. Emergency response procedure Emergency response Simulated fire The screen printing machine on the second floor of building B static electricity led to white oil fire-Alarm reception and response level drive The on(Site workers mechanically call the police : ext). 123, After acquire the report of the fire at the scene. The safety officer and the gate guard duty officer made a judgment on the police situation and initially determined the related response level, After the emergency evacuation determines the corresponding response level, Start the emergency procedures using the response level, Such as notifying the corporate ’s emergency team that relevant personnel are in place, Opening the details and communication network(And notifying the deployment of emergency resources needed for rescue, Including emergency teams and products, tools.), and more-put up on. Site emergency secret headquarters, In addition to firefighting in accordance with firefighting procedures. Evacuation of personnel and supplies is required to pull up quickly, Rescue surgical procedures After entering the scene of the accident, the kind of emergency team quickly carried out emergency rescue work such as accident detection, vigilant, Evacuation, Personnel reinforce. And design repairs, When the case exceeds the internal response level and cannot be effectively controlled. (The emergency command center sets off the external response) 1, Evacuation of personnel After receiving the evacuation training courses on each floor, directly turn off the power, Close the windows and doors. And evacuate inside exit in an organized way to the assembly site. The evacuation personnel must obey the command staff in an orderly manner and evacuate as required by the evacuation personnel, possess panic, Avoid misunderstandings and crowding. (And avoid deaths) 2, Material and property evacuation Those provides that may expand the fire and explosion hazard, methods of important nature and expensive value. And materials that can affect the fire extinguishing work should be evacuated: The materials that can be evacuated urgently are, combustible; Explosive and toxic substances; records; Valuable equipment and meters. supplies that impede fire fighting, When getting ready and directing personnel to rescue and evacuate materials. A special person should result in making the entire evacuation work orderly, When evacuating supplies. You should first evacuate the types of materials most threatened by fire, The evacuated materials had better be placed in a safe place, Do not block the fireplace extinguishment channel. (And do appropriate protection work to prevent the loss and damage of these materials) 3. deal with fire fighting, looking for fire occurs, alongside promptly alerting, it will be significant to immediately organize voluntary firefighters and employees to put out the fire, depending on fire control tactics of 'control first; you have to fire extinguishing: Saving people is crucial than fire fighting, intent first. if so general', And send anyone to cut off the power in time, Connect the power supply of the fire pump, Organize the rescue of deaths, Isolate the fire hazard and important substance. And take advantage of the firefighting facilities and equipment on the scene to extinguish the fire-the fire. Fighting and rescue team can withdraw from the gathering place after receiving the command from the hq, Emergency recovery After the rescue company is over. The emergency recovery phase is inserted, It mainly includes the counting and evacuation of worker, The using of the alert-the particular on-Site empty-Up as after. (strategy, Safety specialist, home protection Team) Engineering servicing Group, The heads of various departments report the amount of people to the logistics team leader as soon as they arrive. (And the logistics team leader will report the amount of people arriving in the safety zone to the headquarters, Report to the headquarter before sending the business friends to the floor to check whether there are any remaining personnel, Whether there are any items that do not turn off the electricity, Close the fire door. and.) That do not meet the emergency requirement. The end of the emergency commander issued a comment. 8: (Emergency material and system support): admin department responsible, 20 terminate extinguishers, 2 criticism hydrants, 2 fire tubes, 2 ring video cameras, 3 interphones, 4 vans, 1 loan calculator, 4 health-related boxes, 2 stopwatches(8 ) service group: answerable, 5 acrylic basins, 5 key rods, 5 reused solvents, 10 kg of timber rags: And 9 fire fighting skills knowledge, The safety officer will advise you fire fighting, scare the pants off, retreat, Rescue talents, The main points of daily fire prevention-And reign over self. Rescue escape the significance of skills. Workshop firefighter fire extinguisher use and hose discharge operation training. the protection officer concluded. 10:End of the workouts<br /> [https://getpocket.com/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gz-shisheng.com%2F https://getpocket.com/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gz-shisheng.com%2F] <br />
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