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Understanding VOD Streaming---What It Is & Its Benefits!

What is VOD Streaming?
VOD stands for Video On Demand is a content distribution strategy that provides viewers access to a vast library of video content of their interest that can be accessed on-demand. While media outlets and traditional broadcast channels forcing consumers to view the content of their choice on their schedule. Contrary to that VOD services allow viewers to access video of their desire, at any suitable time, and from any compatible device. The VOD industry is exploding and more and more people are interested to watch online videos where and whenever they want.
VOD has transformed the way video content is viewed & broadcasted. Emphasizing user behaviour and nowadays people are embracing online streaming services like never before. VOD is usually the opposite of live streaming allowing users to watch tutorials, educative, and entertaining content virtually. It is pre-recorded content whereas live streaming is capturing and delivering content in real-time
For instance, businesses can use inline video content to streamline their in-house training processes. They can use VOD to convey training modules to their employees. VOD is a great tool to make crash courses and online lectures available for students.
Video-on-demand streaming services allow you to watch movies, shows, and TV online without the need to download them. It can be done on a pay-per-view or subscription basis. Examples of streaming subscription services include Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. And ott video platform is an example of a pay-per-view streaming service. Prerecorded video-on-demand content is distributed through a cable/satellite service.

VOD vs Live Streaming
Because VOD is not synonymous with live to stream, that does not mean that live stream can not become VOD. When it comes to monetization, recording live streams for future broadcast opportunities is crucial. VOD content blocks for longer than with live streaming content. These larger file transfers make the entire process more efficient. Video players could cache data yet simultaneously you can also download entire video files for offline viewing.

Benefits of VOD
Connectivity ---Technology has become one of the key players in transforming things & making lives easier and simpler. With the advancements in technology, video on demand content is always accessible to the consumer at any time, anywhere, and on any internet-connected device.
Variety---VOD streaming covers content that could be edited and perfected before its distribution. Moreover, it’s much easier to go viral with VOD streaming than with live streaming. As it offers the versatility of content to viewers and you could have plenty of time to record, edit, & preview the videos. Thus, it provides room to improve video as much as possible to make it better by adding various effects.
Sustainability---the VOD content can tolerate delays whereas in live broadcasting it is not the case. VOD is much easier to implement and gives better video quality and viewing experience for users.

The growth of both VOD and live streaming is indisputable, and provides a huge scope to grow your business. Know and understand the preferences of your audiences which could be a great start for future engagement. and make sure the content you create always needs to be exciting and most importantly niche relevant.
If you are getting started in the professional broadcasting world, then prefer reliable and cost-effective VOD hosting platforms where you can accomplish your broadcasting goals.