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The essence of darkness: vampires and werewolves. Terror, gliding at night, the bedroom wkradający virgin łopocie the wings, transforming in her coat with a high collar, spijający blood, stealing lives, sanity, and ultimately humanity itself of his victim. Poignant howl at the moon, the pulse pounding in his temples, desperate to escape, menacing growl, hitting hairy carcass, stinking of musk, annoyed and fragmentation wounds, at the end of a painful agony. And now we have another part of the "Twilight", which revolves did a job. Vampires have changed in dazzling teenagers and werewolves in the half-naked boys, wydepilowanych perfectly and having the chests more meat than you can find in the butcher's shop. Blood? Violence? And where there's so ... disgusting. Well, I thought it must be something to help on the night of monsters, take care of their media image. I decided that I will deal with werewolves. Vampires, these androgenic fags too strong makeup, let them take care of themselves.
Ultimately, it's not my fault that I have not created any meaningful film about vampires. The trouble is, so I have to work here. It's bloody remake.
Living in the film Almodovar
Oh well, I'll just pretend that nearly seventy years after the original no longer counts. It's ugly grip, but do it in the name of the University Affairs, that is, for lycanthropy around the world.
So we save matter.

First, bring back to the screen, such werewolves, you would be afraid at night. Wydepilowanymi end of the arms, after careful haircuts and absolute lack of falling into a murderous amok. The end of the treatment of lycanthropy, as if she were some kind of haircuts in the style of emo.
Legend live forever
It's the curse of the werewolf it does not control, and the full moon rips the throat to anyone unfortunate sucker who stand in his way. Sex? Subjected to a werewolf instincts and lust, there is no subtlety and no amorous maneuvers - and certainly not when the moon shines bright. Hairs? Well, the werewolf and is bursting with testosterone, so that even the back and buttocks is covered with bristles. In general werewolves is a strong metaphor for what is happening in the mind of the man, who was still at the subconscious level, he knows that the enemy must kill and devour his heart, a woman dragged by the hair into the cave. Transformation? Nothing there smooth transitions in computer graphics, transformation is repulsive, painful, frightening and fascinating as appropriate. To my inexpressible pleasure, "Werewolf" does not disappoint in terms of the above points. It does not give a stain on the issue of history itself.
Benicio in the role of the prodigal son returns to his village, to his father. The reason for this is the return of his brother's death. On the spot, it appears that the brother died from too close contact with fangs and claws mysterious monster which, unfortunately, could be seen at the very beginning of the session. The viewer, if not with those whose IQ is measured by a single digit, the most half an hour after the session to catch on, which of the characters has a problem with the full moon. Benicio it needs a little more time, but it is difficult, as already happens. In fact, the story does not knock, but at least make sense, even if it is a little too predictable. Some confusion introduce secondary characters: the cop with the face of an agent of "The Matrix", Indian servant Sir Hopkins, Hopkins same daddy, brother's wife, eaten by a werewolf, gypsies, and finally mob of villagers with torches and pitchforks. This cocktail was successful enough to keep me at the end of the screen. In fact, most appealed to me the visual side "Werewolf." Neglected property, open air, even London itself - everything looks fantastic. Special effects are unobtrusive, they look decent. Werewolves present themselves exactly as they should - big, hairy monsters, trapped somewhere halfway between man and wolf. And frankly, the best present a scene in which a total of werewolves do not see - here przemknie some shade, there's something to howl, and the hapless clown with a pitchfork and breeches, in which just popuścił, is a moment brutally swept from the Earth's surface. Although I did not complain in this review, I do not want to remain any doubt: this movie is not a his memorable work. There are no miracles here, but is polished visuals, good cast, and most importantly, they are racial werewolves. Even for them it is worth seeing "Werewolf", if only to remind ourselves that once hair on the chest and under the arms was very much in order, and the guys who did not have it, was taken by castrati ..