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After deciding to grow to be a makeup artist, the most difficult problem you face is getting a workable equipment together with out spending cash you have not made yet. Earlier than you possibly can transfer forward, you need that kit, so how DO you get everything you want?

Your Makeup "Briefcase"

You've chosen a career that is deeply primarily based in look, so every element counts to your clients. There are many ways to cut costs in your first package, but one of the priciest items you'll need to buy is a case to hold it all in. This needs to be an expert piece of luggage that will protect the products you utilize and your rising funding in them. It should look tidy and classic, not low-cost. Your case is part of your first impression arsenal, second to your webpage and face. Displaying up with makeup tutorial for beginners of mismatched handbags, totes, or (heaven forbid) Caboodles through which you battle to seek out the gadgets you need won't construct her confidence in you. That is your office and it should look professional. Now, what goes inside?


Foundation/Concealer, 4 - 6 Shades


Journey Dimension Unscented Lotion

Powders for Setting & Contouring, 1 Translucent, 2 Different Shades

Blushes, 3 Shades

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette(s)

Mascara, Black & Brown

Eye Liner, Black & Brown

Brush Set

Disposables & Sanitary Objects

Lip Wands

Eyelash Brushes

Beauty Wedges

Palette (or hand)

Palette Knife

Spray Bottle with Diluted Isopropyl Alcohol

Hand Sanitizer

Makeup Kit Essentials

I struggled to seek out an inexpensive basis for my first package. I tried some off-brand palettes from ebay for this, however was really dissatisfied. Coastal Scents had some very good YouTube evaluations, and stays a very good possibility, though I have never tried their palette myself. I will use this brand usually as a very good go-to first time package builder and they have a very good repute for inexpensive, quality merchandise. If you're utterly misplaced, visit their webpage for ideas and guidance. The inspiration I found to work properly for a fantastic price was Rimmel's Keep Matte Foundation and the matching powder. You can get 1oz tubes for $5 each on-line by Ulta. They're additionally in drug shops for about $7. Get four shades, relying in your demographics, and three Keep Matte powders in translucent, medium, and deep tones. Additionally, you will use these for contouring. Because these foundations are made for oily skin, pick up a lotion to combine it with when you need to work on ladies with normal to dry pores and skin.

Don't go crazy with eye shadows. Unless you plan to focus in entertainment makeup, most ladies do not wish to be that daring for the occasions and weddings you're employed for, even if they are saying they do. Get a 10+ palette of neutrals to start out with, embrace a matte black and brown, you are performed. You will not must spend more than $20 on this, usually so much less. I paid $10 for an 88 shade palette on ebay. You will rapidly learn which colors you use essentially the most and you may know what you're looking for in a better end palette for the longer term.

For any palette, lip, basis, concealer, and many others... simply search ebay. You can see excessive finish items like Bobbi Brown's BBU Foundation Palette for $240 alongside a no name 6-properly concealer palette that ships from China for $8. Brand names are important for artists because it builds trust and confidence between you and your consumer, nevertheless your online business is beginning at $0 and as a enterprise individual, you should invest as little as possible while you grow, utilizing your earnings to build a better equipment and never your private funds. It is nice apply to maintain your company funds separate from your personal.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Keep your private makeup fully separate from your kit. When you do use anything out of your palettes, apply the same cleanliness routines you'd in entrance of a consumer. Dip into your palettes with knives and put product on the again of your hand or an clean palette to be used. Don't touch your palettes with the same item you apply it with. Keep away from contaminating your funding in any method. If you need to remove excess powder or shadow from a brush, faucet the facet of the brush handle on the desk to jar the powder from the brush head, by no means blow on it.

If you are not already, you have to get in the behavior of using disposable applicators. Cut off the applicators on the wands that come with equipment pieces like mascara and lip gloss. You won't ever by chance use them on a shopper or yourself again. Bulk applicator wands for lips and eyelashes may be bought in beauty supply stores like Sally's, or on-line at Amazon and ebay with out minimum order necessities.

Use hand sanitizer in front of your purchasers even when you've got already washed your fingers. Remember, this career is about appearances. Place your palette knife in a small cup of diluted rubbing alcohol or witch hazel between dipping, preserving a clear towel on hand to wipe and dry it off with. Store used tools and brushes separately from clean ones when packing up.

At all times wash your brushes after every use. If you're doing loads of appointments in one day, it is sensible to have a number of brushes of he same dimension to use on completely different shoppers. You don't need fancy washes, child shampoo works just tremendous. The cleaning gloves are good when you've got a ton of brushes to do, however you could find smaller tools like the original Brush Egg for washing for cheaper. The ridges are vital for removing all that caked in powder and foundation.

Let your brushes dry whereas lying flat over the edge of a surface so the hairs aren't touching anything. They will dry sooner and decrease the prospect bacteria will develop.

The reality About Makeup Brands

There are some particular merchandise each brand places out that totally different artists swear by. For instance, Mac Paint Pots are a beautiful eye primer that I am unable to live without, but not all Mac products are one of the best at what they do, especially for the worth. The rationale manufacturers are necessary is because the general public thinks they matter. Did I point out this enterprise is about appearances? The one purpose to have a very title brand kit is because it makes the client understand you as a "true" skilled, although you are able to do the identical seems with brands like Wet n' Wild, Cowl Woman, and Rimmel.

Beginning off with drugstore or no-name brand merchandise, you might be justified in feeling self aware when showing up to your appointments. You are able to do a pair issues to improve your professional image on this state of affairs.

First, know why you use the products you do. If your consumer needs to know why you use Rimmel as an alternative of MAC, let her know: With Rimmel Keep Matte, you get lengthy lasting moderate to full coverage that stays matte, stays put, and appears natural. As a result of the product works so well for a fraction of MAC's worth, you'll be able to keep your fees competitive. It is good business follow and no one can fault you for it.

Nonetheless, most shoppers will not come out and ask why you are utilizing drug retailer brands. I tended to narrate what I used to be doing after i first started out. Why I used to be placing on this, how I used to be doing that, and so forth... It helps ladies feel comfortable when you don't have a status yet, to know that you are fascinated about them and the way your package is constructed around their wants and what you're doing for every particular person.

After you have a bit money move, get some names into your equipment that folks will recognize and feel good about. The standard might be the same as what you have been utilizing, however they don't always understand that. Purchasers want to see quality without having to listen to a lecture about how there would possibly or may not be an actual distinction. Give them what they need. Add a little bit at a time as your small business permits.


Brand does matter in brushes. Sigma and MAC are amongst the preferred brushes out there, but beginning out, I am not going to suggest buying $four hundred in just brushes. Search ebay for "makeup brush package" and you can find plenty of very acceptable alternatives for tremendous cheap. Do your first couple months with a $15 "MAC impressed" (but not MAC) 32-piece set and regularly exchange them along with your selection of skilled brush. Attempt completely different manufacturers out and read/take heed to evaluations earlier than committing to an entire set.


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