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The author of the literary original John Green is experiencing a very fruitful time in his career. Before the year released the first screen version of his book "The Fault in Our Stars", now on the big screen, we can see another, and for some time will appear next. American writer has set a target group of young people and all kinds of problems associated with this age.

As you know, each passed or will pass through this turbulent period in his life. Green gives us different stories.

One of them is "Paper City".

 It is said "miracles happen".

Quentin (Nat Wolff) believe that each is assigned at least one. Even as a young boy comes to the conclusion that just found her, and she called Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne). Because of that, they are both the same age, around peers rather lacking, there is nothing to prevent the even became friends as kids.

 Life writes, however, different scenarios, time does not spare even the most enduring ties. Somebody comes, somebody leaves. Margo Q and gradually move away from each other until being in the same high school, not even talking to each other. Quentin does nothing love can forget about the girl, though slowly they agree with their definitive separation.

The apparent harmony of the whole, however, destroys Margo, who suddenly appears again in the life of the Q for one night, asking that this helped her to run some errands. Unpredictable girl disappears the next morning, and Q wants to do everything to find her and embarks on a journey that you will remember for life.

      Cara Delevingne, Nat Wolff, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The movie I waited a long time and with great anticipation, because the more I was glad when it was announced that Michael H.

Weber and Scott Neustadter will write the script for him.

The authors of the brilliant "500 Days of Summer" as hardly anyone can now very original look at love stories, rarely falling into banality. I was afraid only that it might be cinema stereotypes which species whereas "Fault in Our Stars." My fears proved to be unnecessary.

Completely unable to move the lightness with which he read a book on the screenplay, so that the film passed me very quickly. You can not deny the praise Schreier'owi Jake, who reigned over the image well, not creating it with another, pseudopoważnej and cloying stories. But the greatest strength of "Paper Cities" is the characters and their relationships to each other. Nat Wolff for excellent in the role of a little shy and very conservative Quentin Jacobsen; Friday's student, a future doctor. On the other hand, there is a complete contrast. Cara Delevingne as crazy, keen on puzzles and mysteries Margo Roth Spiegelman, for which it is difficult to keep up. The rest of the cast is seemingly marginal roles, but they are a great complement to the relationship the whole pack of friends. Cara Delevingne, Nat Wolff, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation film treats the problems of young people very seriously, but in no way is bloated.

A better term would be true, because almost all of us during the school experienced his first love, taken deadly seriously. Although perhaps today we remember little of this, a sort of time we would be able to re-evaluate his life for that of a loved one. Such is the hero Quentin. Margo idealizing sometimes run up more and more complex. The girl, at least in his opinion gives him a hand, encouraging them to abandon the warm and idyllic lifestyle.

Only it depends on him or snatching from the clutches of everyday life, and the more peaceful plans for the future will be able to reach his hand beloved person. A big plus of this story is its unpredictability. Margo character affects the entire movie.

On the one hand we have the classic "love story", which fortunately did not fall into the scheme, with another mini road movie, and with yet another story about growing up a little style "Boyhood" and "The Kings of Summer." With all this mix I was not authentic or a little over. Nat Wolff Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, I am very positively surprised by the production Schreier. This is a film for all sentimentalists, who as I often come back to the thoughts by far the most carefree years of life. Hormones buzzing, youthful rebellion, seeking their own way of life does not have to smother our personality and this, what kind we really are. Q So how can we take advantage of it. Get to know each other in the circumstances.

Look a little to the side of the surroundings, and above all to forget and get carried away by the moment.

Leave for "Paper Cities". .

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