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Placing Article Profits (P) and Clickbank (C) Placements in your articles are a great way to generate additional income through Google AdSense. Placement Payouts are based on the number of Page Views generated by each Placement. While the payout is generally higher, use of Placement Strategy requires a little bit of work.

Pinging Placement Payouts for Placement Payouts. This involves placing one or more Placements with the payouts attributed to each Placement. resale rights products business opportunities is the most cost effective method of Placement Payouts for Article Content. The payouts would be determined by the total amount of Pay Per View and CPM fees.

CMS Placement Fees. Based on the number of clicks generated by a CPM-CMYK (Complex Multi-Marketing Association) Placement. The payouts are based on the average CPC on the page, however, you will receive a minimum amount per Placement which should cover the cost of the Placement.

CMS Cost Per Mind. In this method of Placement, you place a CPM-CMYK Placement, while the CPM Payouts is based on the actual number of mind shares that are clicked on the page. This method is very time consuming but has a higher payout percentage than the Pinging method.

List Building Methods. Placement payouts depend on the number of CPM Payouts you generate by placing a CPM-CMYK Placement. The results of the List Building attempt is given based on the number of CPM clicks generated by each Placement. . In this method, you would place an Article with a CPM Placement to generate sales from your CPM-CMYK (Complex Multi-Marketing Association) Placements. You would receive some residual income from the CPM Payouts that you generate.

CPC (Cost Per Minute) Placement. A CPM Placement is generally cheaper than Placement Payouts which is generally based on the total amount of CPM per view. There is also CPM Placement Strategies that uses Payouts for Placement Use.

Compound Services. Placement systems can be used to generate the results you want, from CPM or CPC-CMYK (Complex Multi-Marketing Association) Placements. Additionally, CPM Payouts will only provide you with a CPM Sale Return.

Submitted Content. Although this technique works well in generating CPM, it does not provide the rewards that Placement Systems provides. It is more cost effective, but it does not give the results that Placement Systems provides.

Using ebook resell rights (Placement Revenue) The plr strategies provide a higher return on investment for both Pay Per View and CPM. The more you earn, the better. When used correctly, Plr pays excellent residual income for your CPM Placements.

Placement Customization. As a Custom Submitter, you can include Clickbank domains (with the permission of the client) to your CPM Submissions to increase the revenue from CPM Placements. Placements with Clickbank Domains also allow your clients to specify the various headlines that they prefer in their CPM Payouts.

Online Content and Placement strategies are a great way to build an online income. Although there are many other strategies that can be used to generate online income, only Placement Revenue will provide the highest returns on investment when used correctly. However, with , there is always work involved and it is best to use a pay per action (PPA) approach.